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Edison Designs has a process that is project specific and will be customized to suit each client’s requirements and the project. Steps in the process include site visits/client meetings, zoning, environmental, planning/timelines/scheduling and initial budgeting.

Custom Houses

Edison Designs projects are made with strong collaboration with our clients with their input in each facet of the process from the concept to its realization, taking their dreams and turning them into an even better reality. We always strive for the ‘wow’ factor, ensuring a memorable journey towards making one’s dream home realized. We retain long term relationships with all our clients as they become a part of the Edison Designs family.


Edison Designs believes that the creative process begins once the practical goals of a project, its schedule and budget, are clearly defined. Collaboration is also key to success; each of our projects is a collective effort that synthesizes the premises of the commission, the voice of our client and the creative talents of everyone involved.

Commercial, Retail & Industrial

Edison Designs brings concept and vision to life through design to  execution of your construction documents with a portfolio of services focused on your lifestyle. We simplify the normally complex and difficult designing experience by vertically integrating the process: a complete solution for your design project. With over two decades of experience in the field we provide excellent design and construction drawing service needs, from concept to completion.

Site Development & Consulting

Edison Designs  comprehensive approach and expertise enable us to work with you almost seamlessly to design and create a project from concept through completion. We analyze your requirements to establish the possibilities of both the design aesthetic and functional aspects of your project. It allows us to deliver a project designed to reflect your vision, objectives and lifestyle.

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Edison Designs is here to design your next project with decades of experience, a passion for architecture and client service. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your next project.

Edison Designs is a high-quality Architectural Design Firm located in the Greater Toronto Area and registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in the Province of Ontario.

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